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Academic Year 2019-2020

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Spring Semester (March 1 - May 31, 2020)


International Arbitration 2020

Prof. Maria Beatrice Deli

The course starts on Monday, 2 March

Class hours:  
Mondays: 8:30 – 10:15
Tuesdays: 8:30-10:15
Fridays: 14:15– 16:00


Course description:  
The course’s structure is composed of a number of lectures on the main topics of international arbitration. The approach of teaching is aimed at stimulating the active participation of students. The course’s main objective is the acquisition of both academic and practical knowledge. The development of practical skills will be encouraged through the organisation of drafting workshops and mock arbitration hearings.

Course Learning Objectives
  • To understand the basic practical and historical reasons for the development of international arbitration as a means of dispute resolution in international trade and foreign direct investment.
  • To develop a thorough knowledge of the main international instruments for the harmonisation of international arbitration worldwide.  
  • To understand the importance of the lex arbitri and to acquire a satisfactory degree of familiarity with the provisions of several domestic/international arbitration statutes.
  • To become familiar with the different available types of arbitration.
  • To understand the fundamental principles governing the validity of arbitration agreements.
  • To identify scope and limits of the jurisdiction of arbitral tribunals.
  • To acquire the ability to draft different arbitration clauses in the presence of different scenarios.
  • To acquire the ability to analyse pre-drafted arbitration clauses and to identify potential difficulties.
  • To become acquainted with the main issues relating to the conduct of arbitration proceedings in different jurisdictions and under the arbitration rules of different arbitral institutions.
  • To acquire the practical ability to prepare written submissions and to develop sufficient skills to perform basic oral advocacy tasks.
  • To become familiar with the main issues connected to the gathering of evidence in international arbitration.
  • To develop sufficient knowledge on recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.
  • To become familiar with the main peculiarities of foreign investment arbitration.

Course Learning Activities
The course consists in lectures on the main subjects of international arbitration followed by presentations and seminars that are meant to support the lectures and encourage interactive student participation.

Assessment tools
Student evaluation will be based on class work, class participation, and a final written exam.

Attendance policy
Minimum class attendance of 46 hours is compulsory.


General textbook (also available as e-book):
  1. Gary B. Born: International Arbitration: Law And Practice, 2nd Ed., Kluwer 2016 (library free consultation or available e-book)

Class times: Total 56 Hours                                                                 Professor: Maria Beatrice Deli

Monday: h. 8.30-10.15
Tuesday: h. 8.30-10.15                                                                          Tutors:      Simona Scipioni
Friday: h. 14.15-16                                                                                                  Maria Teresa Lanari
Date Topic Mandatory Readings Additional readings Guest Speakers
Lun. 2/3 - h. 8.30-10.15 Introduction (I)
Understanding International Arbitration - Reasons, Concept and Regulation
Chapter 1    
Mart. 3/3 - h. 8.30-10.15 Introduction (II)
Delimitation, Definition and Juridical Nature Arbitrability
Chapter 1
Ven. 6/3 – h. 14.15-16 Introduction (III)
Court Proceedings v. Arbitration
Domestic Arbitration v. International Arbitration
Chapter 1
Lun. 9/3 - h. 8.30-10.15 1.1. The Legal Basis: The Arbitration Agreement
Arbitrability –
The Doctrine of Separability/Autonomy The doctrine of Kompetenz- Kompetenz
Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Mart. 10/3 - h. 8.30-10.15
1.2. The Legal Basis: The Arbitration Agreement
Ven. 13/3 - h. 14.15-16
1.3. The Legal Basis: The Arbitration Agreement Formal and Substantive Validity
The Law Applicable to Arbitration Agreements The seat of the arbitration
Chapters 2-3 Chapter 6
Lun. 16/3 - h. 8.30-10.15
1.4. The Legal Basis: The Arbitration Agreement
Mart. 17/3 - h. 8.30-10.15 1.5. The Legal Basis: The Arbitration Agreement
Workshop on Drafting Clauses
 Chapters 3-4 UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration  
Ven. 20/3 - h. 14.15-16
Choosing Institutional Arbitration   CAM Rules
Lun. 23/3 - h. 8.30-10.15 Choosing Institutional Arbitration   ICC Rules
Mar. 24/3 - h. 8.30-10.15
2.1. Procedural issues:
Formation of the arbitral tribunal
Challenges and removals
Chapter 7
IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration  
Ven. 27/3 - h. 14.15-16
2.2. Procedural issues
Powers of the arbitral tribunal
Chapter 8
Lun. 30/3 - h. 8.30-10.15 2.3. Procedural issues
Applicable Law
Chapter 13
UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration  
Mar. 31/3 - h. 8.30-10.15 2.4. Procedural issues
Chapter 13
Ven. 3/4 - h. 14.15-16
2.4. Procedural issues (II)
Techniques for the gathering of evidence in international arbitration
Chapter 9
IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International. Arbitration  
Lun. 6/4 - h. 8.30-10.15
2.4. Procedural issues (II)
Mar. 7/4 - h. 8.30-10.15
2.5. Procedural issues
Interim measures and emergency arbitration
Chapter 11

Ven. 17/4 - h. 14.15-16
3.1. The Award (and its annulment) Chapters 15-16    
Lun. 20/4 - h. 8.30-10.15 3.2. Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards Chapter 17
Mar. 21/4 - h. 8.30-10.15
3.2. Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards
Ven. 24/4 - h. 14.15-16.00
4.1. International Investment Arbitration
General Overview – FDIs -BITs – Standards of Treatment
Chapter 18 ICSID Convention 1965  
Lun. 27/4 - h. 8.30-10.15
4.2. International Investment Arbitration
The ICSID Mechanism – The Annulment of ICSID Awards
Mar. 28/4 - h. 8.30-10.15 5. Cases in the Energy Sector  
Lun. 4/5 - h. 8.30-10.15
5. Arbitration in the multilateral system of international trade      
Mar. 5/5 - h. 8.30-10.15 RECAP
Ven. 8/5 - h. 14.15-16.00
Preparation for the IA-Moot   Documents will be provided  
Lun. 11/5 - h. 8.30-10.15
Preparation for the IA-Moot      
Mar. 12/5 - h. 8.30-10.15



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