Studying Law at Roma Tre

Academic Year 2021-2022

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Fall Semester (October 1 - December 17, 2021)


Law and the Humanities 2021

Prof. Sara Menzinger di Preussenthal

Course description:  
The course will first provide an introduction to the law and the humanities movement in general and then focus on several different, even if strictly connected, fields of study: e.g. law and literature, law and paleography, law and music, law and architecture, law and religion, trial and visual arts, law and society. The course will question the traditional isolation of legal studies in analyzing law with reference to the other social sciences and, more generally, to a larger cultural context. Texts, symbols and representations, which have greatly influenced popular understanding of law, will be discussed in thematic weeks by professors coming from different parts of Italy and of the world.

Course Learning Objectives
Course learning objectives:

-           to introduce students to the law and the humanities movement.
-           to investigate the benefits of interdisciplinary studies.
-           to develop a critical approach to legal texts.
-           to understand law in the wider context of social sciences
-           to stress the importance of the cultural context for a better understanding of law in the    past as well as the present.

Assessment tools
Final grades will be based on:
  • Participation in class
  • Midterm written work
  • Final, oral exam
Attendance policy
Attendance in class is compulsory to be admitted to the final examination, which will cover all the topics discussed during the course.

Reading material
Every thematic week will be associated to introductory papers which will be progressively uploaded on the ‘Roma Tre’ e-learning platform.

Fall 2021: Schedule of lessons

Lessons will start on Tuesday, 5th October, h. 2.00-3.30 p.m
Class schedule: Monday, 8.30-10.00; Tuesday, 2.00-3.30; Wednesday, 4.00-5.30.
The course will be held online, via Teams.  
Reading materials will be uploaded on the Roma Tre e-learning platform. 

4th October, h. 8.30-10.00: prof. Emanuele Conte (University of ‘Roma Tre’)
            “Introduction to Law and Humanities”
5th October, h. 2.00-3.30 and 6th  October, h. 4.00-5.30:
prof. Sara Menzinger (University of ‘Roma Tre’)
“Dante and the Law: The Influence of Legal Categories on 14th century Political Thought”

11th October, h. 8.30-10.00, 12th October, h. 2.00-3.30:
prof. Serena Ammirati (University of ‘Roma Tre’)
“Law and Paleography: Transmitting and Reconstructing Law in the Latin West: from papyri to digital data”
13th October, h. 4.00-5.30:
Discussion of the lessons held by prof. Ammirati and prof. Menzinger

18th October, h. 8.30-10.00:
prof. Giorgio Resta (University of ‘Roma Tre’)
“Law and Music”, Introduction
19th October, h. 2.00-3.30 and 20th October, h. 4.00-5.30:
prof.  Emanuele Conte (University of ‘Roma Tre’)
“Law and Music. The Constitutional Function of National Music”

25th October, h. 8.30-10.00, 26th October, h. 2.00-3.30 and 27th October, h. 4.00-5.30:
prof. Stefania Gialdroni (University of Padova):
"Law and Visual Arts: The Italian Supreme Court of Cassation between Law, Architecture and Iconography"

2nd-3rd November: Midterm exam

8th November, h. 8.30-10.00, 9th November, h. 2.00-3.30 and 10th November, h. 4.00-5.30:
prof. Emily Corran (University College London):
“Women, Conscience and Law: Legalistic approaches to sin in Late Middle Ages”

15th November, h. 8.30-10.00, 16th November, h. 2.00-3.30 and 17th November, h. 4.00-5.30:
prof. Giuseppe Guizzi (University of Napoli),
“Balzac and the Comedy of the Law”

22nd November, h. 8.30-10.00, 23rd November, h. 2.00-3.30 and 24th November, h. 4.00-5.30:
prof. Bruno Cavallone (University of Milano),     
“Visual Arts and Principles of Judicial Proceedings”

29th November, h. 8.30-10.00, 30th November, h. 2.00-3.30 and 1st December, h. 4.00-5.30:
prof. Caroline Humfress (University of St. Andrews)
“Law and Society”

6th and 7th December: Final discussion  of the course


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