Studying Law at Roma Tre
Concetta Brescia Morra is Full Professor at University of Roma Tre, Faculty of Law, where she teaches EU Financial Law.
She is the Director of the Research Center for advanced studies in the field of EU regulation of banks and capital markets at Roma Tre University.
She is Chair of the Administrative Board of Review (ABoR) that carries out internal administrative reviews of the ECB’s decisions taken in the exercise of the powers conferred on it by the Single Supervisory Mechanism Regulation (from 2014 to 2022 vice-chair).
She is member of the Banking Stakeholder Group of the European Banking Authority, as “Independent Top-Ranking Academic”.

She is “External expert” of the European Parliament (in a team of academics from Roma Tre) in the field of “Bank Resolution”.
She is Member of the Bar of Rome.

From 1987 to 2002, she served as Officer at the Banking Supervision Department of the Bank of Italy.

In 1995, she has spent a semester at Harvard Law School (Cambridge (MA) as “visiting researcher”.

She is author of more than 70 articles (papers and books contributions) and 4 books in the fields of banking and financial regulation, commercial law, and financial contracts.

Recent publications in English
  • C. Brescia Morra, M.I Vangelisti, Digital Payments Market: Standardization and coopetition, in Financial innovation fra disintermediazione e mercato, a cura di V. Falce, Giappichelli, Torino, 2021, ISBN 9788892138582, pagg. 4762
  • C. Brescia Morra, A. Guaccero, A. Pozzolo, G. Rojas Elgueta, N. Vardi, A. Zoppini, Nonperfoming loans. New risks and new policies. What factors drive the performance of national asset management companies, Study request by the ECON committee, European Parliament, May 2021.
  • C. Brescia Morra, Banking supervision in times of uncertainty: the case of NPLs, in Financial Stability Amidst the Pandemic Crisis: on Top of the Wave, ebook, edited by Christos V. Gortsos and WolfGeorg Ringe, European Banking Institute, 2021, pagg. 197218.
  • C. Brescia Morra, Management of banking crises and State aid in times of coronavirus, in EBI working paper series, 2021, n. 81, pagg. 118.
  • C. Brescia Morra and Federico della Negra, Overview on the Litigation on the “exante contributions’ to the SRF: The strict standard of review adopted by the Court to ensure effective legal protection, in Judicial Review in the European Banking Union, eds. C. Zilioli and KP. Wojcik, ISBN 9781800373198, Edward Elgar, 2021, pagg. 551-563.
  • C. Brescia Morra, Lending activity in the time of coronavirus, in Pandemic Crisis and Financial Stability, Gortos, C.V. and Ringe, WG eds, European Banking Institute ebook series, 2020, 391410.
  • C. Brescia Morra, Nature and role of the ABoR, in Building bridges: central banking law in an interconnected world. ECB Legal conference 2019, European Central Bank, December 2019, p. 335349.
  • C. Brescia Morra, The new European Union framework for banking crisis management: rules versus discretion, in European Company and Financial Law Review, 3/2019, pp. 349380.
  • C. Brescia Morra, The Third Pillar of the Banking Union and Its Troubled Implementation, in The Palgrave Handbook of European Banking Union Law, eds. Mario P. Chiti and V. Santoro, Palgrave Macmillan, 2019, pagg. 393407
  • C. Brescia Morra, The Interplay between the ECB and NCAs in the “common procedures” under the SSM Regulation: are there gaps in legal protection?, in Judicial review in the Banking Union and in the EU financial architecture, Conference jointly organized by Banca d’Italia and the European Banking Institute, Quaderni di Ricerca giuridica della Banca d’Italia, n. 84, June 2018, pp. 7994.
  • C. Brescia Morra, The Administrative Review of Decisions of the ECB in the Supervisory Field, in Studi sull’integrazione europea, XIII, 2018, pp. 6378.
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  • C. Brescia Morra, The evolution of banking supervision architecture in Europe, in Evolutions in the Law of International Organizations, Roberto Virzo, Ivan Ingravallo (eds.), Martinus Nijhoff, BostonLeiden, 2014, pp. 224-243.
  • C. Brescia Morra, M. Marcucci, The Reform of the “Cajas de Ahorro”. A comparative analysis with the Italian experience of the restructuring of Saving banks, in Crisis y Reforma del Sistema Financiero, a cura di Antonio B. Huetos, Juan Andrés Recalde, Ignacio Tirado, Thomson Reuters, 2014, pp. 351377.
  • C. Brescia Morra, From the Single Supervisory Mechanism to the Banking Union. The role of the ECB and the EBA, in Studi sull’integrazione europea, n. 3, 2014, pp. 465484.


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