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Academic Year 2019-2020

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Spring Semester (March 1 - May 31, 2020)


The Economics of Globalization 2020

Prof. Alberto Franco Pozzolo

Spring Term, 2019 (Starting: March 6th, 2019)
Classes will be on Fridays, 8:00 AM - 10:00 Am

Course description:  
The course analyzes the nexus among the causes and the effects of the ongoing globalization process from the point of view of international economics, highlighting the main challenges and opportunities faced by workers, firms and governments. Specifically, the course addresses the following questions. What are the historical roots of globalization? How do we explain global imbalances and the underlying financial flows? What are the gains from trade and why do countries trade among themselves? Why is protectionism a cost and why we have multilateral trading regulations? Who benefits and who loses out from globalization?

Course Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, successful students will:
  • have an introductory understanding of the principles of international economics;
  • know the main theories explaining international trade in goods, international financial flows, migrations;
  • be able to apply the analytical tools of international economics to the understanding of the ongoing processes of globalization;
  • be able to read and critically appraise writings on the issues of globalization.

Course Learning Activities
To achieve the above objectives, students will have to read the material assigned for each class and be ready to report on its content – including “cold call” questioning – and engage in class discussions. They will also be required to write short memos on specific issues.
Student responsibilities include:
  • attending class;
  • being punctual at the beginning of class (it is early also for me);
  • taking notes during class as appropriate;
  • speaking in class and asking questions as appropriate;
  • meeting with the professor to discuss any difficulty possibly encountered during the course.

Assessment tools
Final grades will be based, in equal proportions, on:
  • participation in class;
  • briefs and other written work;
  • final, written exam.

Attendance policy
Attendance in class is compulsory to be admitted to the final examination, which will be comprehensive, covering all the topics discussed during the course.

Course textbook(s), Supporting / Recommended course reading material, and Course Schedule will be published after the holiday break.



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